Love Letters: Seventh Month of Ella

Our little Ella,

Today you are seven months old. Petite wrists and ankles. Twinkling blue eyes. Chubby cheeky smile. And sassy squeals. I think you’ve found your volume for this family.

Although you smile at everything, it takes a little time to find comfort with new faces. You now voice your dislike of the changing table. Wince at your brother’s diving kisses. Babble to your toys, alone in a room. And giggle when feeding crackers to the dogs.

Every day you wrinkle your nose at new finger foods. But have found a particular appetite for cheerios, crackers, peas and fresh peaches. The sippy cup is your least favorite. But, you’ve dropped a couple bottle feedings without a whimper.

Lately, we’ve watched you wiggle to learn new moves. Eager to crawl, you’ve mastered every method except. Squirming. Rolling. Bending. And twisting. Any move to explore a room.

You love your brother. Watch him constantly. Participate in play. And won’t protest when he steals toys. Unless you’ve taken a special fancy. At times you prefer to just watch. Not be messed with. But if only you could tell Jack. He just can’t stop kissing you. Oh, siblings.

You’re regular with a schedule, but will change course for family activities without a fuss. Nap at the beach. Bedtime bottle two hours late. You’re fine. As long as you’re with us.

My favorite is when I come home. Your smile bigger than your face. Your entire body curves around my neck. Happy grunts. And tiny finger squeezes. A Mommy’s Girl for now.

So happy seven months, Miss Ell. Our easy-going little girl. Thanks for melting my heart every day. And making us all smile.   

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