The Coloring on the Wall

I remember pre-babies when I’d watch Super Nanny, gasping how my kids would never color on the walls. Well, that’s No. 512 on my list of “What I Won’t Do As a Parent,” which was written before I actually was a parent.

Fast-forward to my life with a two-year-old, who is crazed for coloring, and three-month old, who requires diaper changes and lots of naps. So I leave the room for five minutes to lie Ella down – maybe even just two – And Jack has scribbled circles under the bay window sill.

I gasp. But, before losing my calm, I remember the crayons are “washable.” One brilliant person finally realized crayons, markers and all their cousins should be washable. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of un-washables in the world, which my Mom discovered the tough way. Her widescreen TV is now fitted with one of Jack’s straight-line masterpieces. Right across the middle.

Lucky for her I enjoy researching. And solving such issues. Well it appears WD40 can remove crayon from TVs, computer screens and walls. Now I’d like to meet the parent that uncovered that trick.

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